Shangshang Li

New York City Rent Data Visualization
till Aug. 2021

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By observing the changes in rental data in New York City before and after the pandemic to see the influence of the pandemic on people. The median asking rent can reflect people's budget and living conditions, while the rental inventory can show the pandemic's influence. The audience can have a room tour of the avatar by clicking on it. The audience is also able to change the calendar to view the changes brought by the pandemic on the rental situation of those New York districts.



New York City Rent Data Visualization aims to use vivid visual concepts to present boring data on New York's rental situation. The three avatars represent Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens (from left to right).

The degree of completion of the decoration of the avatar's room reflects the number of the rental index (income) in the area. The number of flowers in the vase means hundreds of numbers, and the bed and the cabinet mean thousands of numbers (one piece of furniture equals one thousand dollars). The number of furniture and flowers changes due to the data based on different months. Those visual concepts won't change for other avatars, except the color.

The safe box with coins in the room is a fixed piece of furniture that presents the median asking rent (budget). When the mouse hovers over the safe box, the accurate number of the rent will come out. At the same time, the safe box will be uncovered, showing the inner gold. The gold bricks represent the thousands, and the gold coins represent the hundreds of the budget of the area.

Design & Development Tool

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  • Adobe Illustrator